Wedding Invitation Questions? Here are answers to some of the questions most frequently asked by brides when planning their wedding.

What kind of wording should I use on the invitations?
Although a lot will depend on your own personal styles, as well as who’s hosting the wedding, there are a handful of traditional wording formats most often used on wedding invitations. To see examples, please visit the Writing Format page.

When should I start addressing my wedding invitations?
You should begin addressing your wedding invitations six to eight weeks before your wedding. It’s always a good idea to work with a professional and experienced wedding stationery printer.

What should I use for a RSVP date?
RSVP (respondez s’il vous plait – the French phrase for ‘please respond’) dates should be set for at least two weeks prior to your wedding. This allows enough time for you to call those guests who have not responded and get a final headcount for your wedding.

When should the wedding invitations be mailed?
Your wedding invitations should be mailed 4-6 weeks before your wedding.

What about postage?
Once you have addressed your invitations, be sure to take one complete set to the post office and have it weighed – guaranteeing that you have enough postage on each envelope. Also, don’t forget to purchase stamps for the RSVP envelopes, as well as the invitations.

How do I let people know if I prefer not to have children at the wedding or reception?
The only children that must be invited to your wedding are your siblings. Most brides don’t include the names of children in the invitation when they are not included on the guest list. However, there is no guarantee the children won’t attend unless the parents are specifically informed. It is becoming more acceptable to include terminology in your invitation that discourages child attendance, such as “Adult Reception Immediately Following Ceremony”.

Some couples permit children to attend the wedding with their parents and offer a children’s table at the reception where they are able to color and play games. It is also a good idea to have a chaperone supervise the children’s table. Proper etiquette dictates that anyone permitted to attend the ceremony should also be permitted to attend the reception.

How can I know for sure the number of people who will actually attend our wedding?
A lot depends on how many out of town guests you invite – as that number increases, attendance usually decreases. Typically, only 20% of invited out-of-towners will attend, while usually, about 80% of local guests attend. If you invite 200 guests, you can generally expect a 60-75% attendance ratio, resulting in approximately 120-150 guests. Remember, travel distance to the wedding site and the cost of overnight accommodations are major factors in attendance. However, you should always be prepared for 100% attendance.

When printing your invitations and reply cards, it is best to include space for the guest to indicate how many people will attend, including a separate line for children. It is important that you keep your reply card information organized and record pertinent information on the guestlist sheets or cards so that you know in advance the number of guests you can expect.

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