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When shopping for diamonds, you will quickly learn the golden rules of the 4C’s. All diamond rings are graded and valued according to these universal characteristics known as the 4C’s: Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat Weight. It is these identifying characteristics that make each stone have its own individual fingerprint, guaranteeing your diamond will be as unique as you are.diamond rings, wedding rings, engagement rings

Although these four factors will determine the price of your diamond, there are many other things to look for when shopping for an engagement or wedding ring. Shapes, settings, inclusions, polish, symmetry, and depth are all additional features to take into consideration.

A completely flawless diamond is extremely rare and difficult to find. The “perfect” diamond will not have any blemishes or inclusions that will affect the stone’s attractiveness or durability. A diamond can only be cut by another diamond, however, when struck at the right angle, it will chip or shatter.

This section will help you to become more familiar with the terms that are commonly used when discussing diamonds, and prepare you to take a close look at the wedding ring you wish to purchase.

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