Your Wedding Books

Begin developing your wedding book by purchasing a large three-ring binder from your local office supply store. You will want to also purchase several page protectors, section dividers, tabs, and paper. Use your wedding book as your “holy grail”. Keep it on your nightstand and within easy reach for those moments you want to jot down new ideas.

Divide your wedding book into sections, according to the different elements you will need to plan for the wedding. These sections will usually include attire, invitations and announcements, cake, caterers, music, photography, vows, guest list, transportation, gift registry and many others.

Utilize the Printable Planners to print the necessary worksheets for your wedding book. Visit our Printable Planners section for a complete list of not only planners, but wedding budget worksheets as well.

Another valuable tool for the organized bride is a small appointment book that can easily slip into your wedding binder. Be sure to bring it with you wherever you go for the next several months.

Use the sheet protectors to hold interesting articles and magazine clippings of wedding ideas that inspire you. Have fun sharing your wedding book with your closest friends and family members. It will give them more great ideas when it comes time to plan your bridal shower and choose wedding gifts.

Because of the appeal of the subject, there are many wedding planning books available at bookstores, that can be valuable sources of information. From proper wedding etiquette guidelines to humorous anecdotes, you will certainly be able to find one or two that suit both your personality and your sense of style.

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