Planning Options

Whether your wedding ceremony will be held locally or at a destination, there are a variety of options available to the modern bride planning her big day.

Reserving Function Space at a Hotel, Resort, Country Inn or other Destination
Many establishments, particularly inns, hotels and resorts, have on-site wedding planning professionals that are ready to assist you with every aspect of your event. These wedding consultants become available to you once you have reserved your space and paid a deposit for the establishment. These destination businesses frequently offer banquet facilities that may take the form of grand ballrooms, private gardens, elegant dining rooms or verandas.

A destination wedding facility is the perfect option if you will have several out-of-town guests requiring accommodations. A destination lodging establishment will frequently offer wedding package rates that are significantly lower in cost than standard room rates, as well as deluxe wedding night accommodation for the bride and groom. Visit the Wedding Destination section for more information as well as state by state links to destination facilities.

Hiring a Professional Wedding Consultant
Hiring a professional wedding consultant is, without a doubt, the most hassle-free approach to wedding plans. Not only are wedding planners invaluable when it comes to pulling together all those overwhelming details, but they can be particularly important if you’re getting married in a location you are unfamiliar with. Many consultants are adept when it comes to local weddings, but this is not necessarily true when it comes to destination weddings. Because a destination wedding requires a great deal of faxes, emails, phone calls, and blind, long distance coordination, it’s a great idea to research available consultants in the area you will have your wedding.

Some consultants work strictly on a commission bases, and will receive compensation from the establishments they book events at. Very often, this will result in the “making the sale” to take precedence over your wedding plans.

The Do-It-Yourself Option
If you have considered hiring a wedding consultant but find you still prefer to handle matters on your own, be sure to visit the Staying Organized section of Country Weddings and get your Wedding Book started.

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