First Steps

Setting a Wedding Date
Perhaps the very first thing you and your fiancee will do is choose your wedding date. Plan on grabbing a calendar and coming up with at least 2-3 potential wedding dates.

There are many factors to consider when determining when you will set your wedding date. Among them include:
Large Wedding vs. Small Wedding
The number one factor that will determine your wedding budget is the size of your event. Do you both want to go larger than life, or are you more interested in an intimate wedding celebration.

Writing the Engagement Announcements
There are three forms of wedding announcements you can do to share your news; Engagement Announcements, Wedding Announcements, and Save the Date Cards. Some couples opt for… read more

Creating Your Wedding Guest List
It is best to start compiling your guest list soon after determining your wedding date. Ask both your parents and your future in-laws for… read more

The Wedding Budget
Perhaps the most critical step to keeping your sanity up to and through your wedding day is sticking to your budget. Estimate your costs ahead of time, using our handy Wedding Budget Planner.

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