Know Your Wedding Videography and Photography Budget
Gauging early on how important videography is to you and your partner will help determine your videography budget. You will want to book the highest quality company you can afford, so be prepared to spend a few thousand dollars. If you choose to have a second camera, it will be an additional fee, as well as special effect editing. Be sure to review video package details carefully so you understand exactly what you will receive for the money you spend.

Know the Wedding Photo Basic Styles
At a fundamental level, there are really only two styles of videography: Cinematic and Documentary. The Cinematic style is heavily posed, scripted, and formal, whereas the Documentary style captures the day’s events unscripted and as they unfold. Many brides opt to have the ceremony captured in a cinematic style and relax for the reception with documentary footage. One benefit to the documentary style is that very often, the videographer will capture moments with the wedding party and family members that would otherwise be missed by the bride and groom.

Ask about Wedding Photo Equipment
Professional and experienced videographers most often bring two cameras and at least two wireless microphones. This allows them to capture important moments from different vantage points easily and as they occur. Be sure to ask if they’ve worked at your wedding location before and inquire about lighting as well.

Ask about Editing your Wedding Video
Inquire about editing effects and options your videographer may use including; titles, fades, music overlay, highlighting, and computerized digital effects.

Ask to See Examples
Nothing speaks more clearly about a videographer’s style and competency than the videos they have produced. Specifically ask to see video footage of churches, country clubs, and any other possible wedding venue. Be sure to pay attention to not only the visuals but the audio quality as well.

Ask for References
Start with your friends and family – ask if they have hired a particular videographer and what the results were. It’s always a good idea to ask the videography company for references as well. Another valuable resource for locating quality videographers in your area is the National Association of Professional Wedding Videographers.

Bring Them to the Rehearsal
The benefit of having your videographer at your rehearsal is twofold; not only will they get a chance to troubleshoot any potential difficulties in the physical layout of the space, but they will also know beforehand how the wedding day events will unfold.

Review Contract Details
Be clear on who your actual videographer will be, how long they’ll be filming your festivities, what equipment will be used, payment requirements, who holds the master tapes and how many final copies you will receive, what their cancellation and refund policies are, and what the estimated time will be to receive your final copies.

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