A wonderful way to capture your wedding day activities is a custom wedding video. A wedding video will become a visual heirloom and can be passed down through the generations. With that in mind, it only makes sense to spend as much time and care to find the perfect videographer, just as you would the photographer, caterer, and florist. wedding videographers

Make sure you do your homework! Research videographers, ask to see samples of their work and come to that first meeting with some idea of what you want your wedding video to be like. Make your final selection based upon the videographer’s experience, personality, and body of work. Ask yourself, “Can this person tell a story with their camera?”

Personality is a key element to your wedding videographer. Why? If they put you at ease, the video will be that much better. If the videographer makes you uncomfortable at that first meeting, it’s a fairly good indication of how you’ll feel when he’s following you around with a camera on your wedding day.

When reviewing potential videographers’ portfolios, be sure to pay attention to the audio quality as well as the visuals. If they show you a video that looks stunning but you can’t hear a single part of the vows, keep interviewing. Many experienced videographers will often use wireless microphones.

When reviewing video package options, be sure to consider photomontages as well as live video. A good videographer will be able to edit both elements together beautifully. Visit the Video Tips page to find more useful information on choosing your wedding videographer.