Something Blue

When it comes to weddings, almost everyone has heard the expression “…something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue…”, but did you ever wonder where the tradition came from?

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According to some sources, the expression originated in England in the late Victorian era, and the complete rhyme includes the final phrase “…and a silver sixpence in her shoe”. This rhyme is meant to indicate a collection of lucky tokens, or good luck charms, a bride should bring to her wedding. If she does, it will mean a lasting, happy marriage.

oldSomething Old
This represents a bride’s connection to her family and its history. An ideal token for this category would be an item that has been passed down through the generations or something she has inherited directly. Perhaps a beaded purse that once belonged to grandma, or an antique silk ribbon? Childhood treasures, your parent’s wedding photo, an antique brooch, your mother’s wedding veil, or a bit of old lace sewn into your wedding gown – all make wonderful tokens for “something old”.

newSomething New
This represents hope for and success in the future. It’s generally quite easy to find something to fit this category. Your wedding dress, a new pair of shoes, your hair accessories, or a new strand of pearls will work wonderfully. You could even incorporate the last line of the rhyme and place a newly minted coin in your shoe.

borrowedSomething Borrowed
This part of the rhyme symbolizes a bride’s connection to, and ability to depend on, her family and friends. Great emphasis is placed on borrowing from a happily married woman, as the good fortune is said to pass on to the new bride in her own marriage. Anything may be borrowed, but don’t forget to return it afterward. Frequently, brides choose to borrow a piece of jewelry from their mothers or closest friends. Other great ideas include; your dad’s handkerchief, your grandmother’s stole, or your sister’s sapphire earrings.

blueSomething Blue
This represents purity, loyalty, and faithfulness. Frequently, many brides choose to wear blue garters under their gowns. Other great ideas include the following bridal accessories; blue ribbons or flowers for your hair, sapphire or aquamarine jewelry, blue petticoats, or a blue thread tied around your wrist.

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