Although wedding gowns and bridal wear are quite timeless and only age with love, today’s wedding dress is said to be elegant, sophisticated, and still very romantic. High quality fabrics, bare arms and shoulders, and sweeping veils and headdresses help contribute to these qualities, as well as non-traditional colors such as pale greens, silvers, and light blue tones. But what’s right for some brides, doesn’t work for everyone. Browse some of the latest Wedding Gowns, Bridal Wear and Wedding Fashion Accessories.

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Here are some tips to help you find the perfect wedding gown or bridal dress to wear on your wedding day:

Pick a wedding dress that fits well and flatters your body
Bias-cut dresses fit well on someone with a well toned hourglass figure, while petite brides look well in gowns with skirts and tight-fitting bodices. Someone who is tall and slender is best suited in a sheath or bias cut gown. An a-line dress is universally flattering, which may be something to keep in mind for your bridesmaids.

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Personal preferences and styles
Take a look in your closet and pick out your favorite dresses to determine what they all have in common. Maybe the style, color, or shape? Keep those factors in mind when looking for your dress.

Remember your budget
Don’t leave home without your bargain shopping skills… keep in mind the location, or name brand of the stores you browse, and settle for less if you need to. Many brides will buy last year’s dresses and fix them up to look like the new, or settle for an evening gown instead. Discount houses, and mail order outlets are another place to look if you are having any trouble finding an acceptable wedding gown within your budget.

Keep in mind where you are having your wedding ceremony
A large cathedral may ask for a long flowing veil and train, while an outdoor location might not be so formal. A setting in a field or by water, for instance, could require something light and airy. Spend some time looking around your location for a while and bring photos of the dresses you like to see how they go together.

Consider the season of your wedding
Both the color and the style of your bridal dress could also be determined by the season of your wedding. Think about the weather that could come during your ceremony and what you would feel most comfortable in. You don’t want to overheat or be too cold. If not going with traditional white, a seasonal color could have a very nice impression on the way you look.

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