Gown FAQ

According to many modern brides, the wedding dress is perhaps the single most important concern of any woman in the throes of wedding planning. bridal gownsNot only does it make a statement about her personal style and budget, it also dictates the perceived formality or informality of the entire wedding. It has also been suggested that many brides find it the most stressful aspect of planning a wedding.

With that in mind, here are some helpful tips to keep you sane as you begin to navigate the bridal fashion industry for that perfect wedding gown:

Do Your Homework
Make sure you are familiar with all of the different dress style details before you being to approach wedding boutiques. Not only will it prevent you from feeling instantly overwhelmed, it will also give you a strong idea of your style preferences before you begin to shop around.

You will also want to check the ceremony site to see what kind of dress or train length restrictions you may have to deal with. And don’t forget to bring shoes of the same height you intend to wear on your wedding day when you begin fittings – a shoe’s height will directly affect how the wedding gown will rest on your torso.

Stay Flexible
Although you may already have a clear idea of your perfect wedding dress, the harsh reality is that a certain style might not look as stunning on the average woman’s frame as on that model in the bridal magazine you have dogearred. By keeping an open mind and staying flexible when you begin visiting boutiques, you may be surprised to find a perfect gown that looks different than what you had originally envisioned. Keep your options open and choose at least a handful of different wedding dress styles you like.

Plan, Plan Plan!
The vast majority of wedding gowns are either custom-made or special-ordered, and can take anywhere from three to six months to receive. This doesn’t even cover the time you’ll need to spend on multiple fitting appointments after it arrives at the dress boutique. It goes without saying that you should plan on choosing your wedding dress early on, and we recommend that you begin the process at least nine months to a year before your wedding day.

Bring a Second Opinion
Although it’s tempting to drag your mother, your mother-in-law, your sister and your maid of honor along to choose your wedding dress, you ought to plan on bringing only one person whose opinion you trust very much. The perfect candidate will be absolutely honest with you as you try on different styles, and by bringing only one voice rather than an entire army, you will avoid having to navigate through the personal opinions or tastes of several people.

Demand Good Service
Let’s face it, buying a wedding dress is a bit like an investment. It’s not going to be cheap by any means, and you have every right to expect top-notch service from your boutique salesperson throughout the entire process. If you don’t like how you’re being treated, simply take your business elsewhere to a boutique that offers the impeccable customer service you are entitled to.

Get It In Writing
Again, because of the financial and time commitments required in purchasing a wedding gown, a wise woman will insist that everything is in writing before ever making a deposit. Anything the salesperson promises regarding delivery schedules, fitting schedules, and deposit and payment plans should be in ink before any financial transaction occurs. Not only will this keep all details clarified between boutique and bride, it will also guarantee a lower stress level on the bride’s part as she continues with the details of wedding planning.

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