Bridal Accessories

The beauty is in the details, and the bridal accessories you choose to pair with your wedding gown afford you the perfect opportunity to look absolutely stunning. From garters and undergarments to footwear, jewelry, and hair accessories, there are many bridal accessories to choose from.

Here are some options to consider when looking for the perfect bridal accessories to work with your gown on your wedding day:


pumpThe Pump A classic and elegant wedding shoe, the pump is marked by a closed toe and elegant lines. Pumps can have either a rounded or pointed toe and can be accented with bows or jewels.
sandalThe Strappy Sandal A perfect choice for warmer climates or summer weddings, the strappy sandal is characterized by several straps, open toes, and open heels. There are a variety of wedding sandals to choose from, and many are accentuated by jewels.
mulesThe Mule or Slide The mule is distinguished by having an open back, with no straps or supports for the heel. Mules can have either open or closed toes, and the heel can be either a stiletto or wedge.
opentoeThe Open Toe Whether a wedge or stiletto, pump or strappy sandal, the open toe shoe is fully open at the toe and shows all toes. This is an elegant wedding footwear option.
peeptoeThe Peep Toe The peep toe shoe offers a much smaller opening at the toe than a traditional open-toe shoe. Peep toes can be paired with stiletto heels or wedges, closed backs or straps, and have a decidedly retro feel.
slingbackThe Slingback The slingback wedding shoe is a perfect fusion of pump and sandal. It offers more support for the foot than a full sandal, yet still shows more of the foot than a fully enclosed pump.
clipsThe Shoe Clip Shoe clips are basically jewelry for your feet and will dress up even the most basic of heels. Shoe clips are elegant and timeless and can be made of either satin bows or Swarovski crystals.
glovesWedding Gloves Whether ending at the wrist or running the full length of the arm, satin gloves are an incredibly elegant addition to your bridal attire and make an effective fashion statement. Try pairing full-length ballgown gloves with a strapless gown.
handbagWedding Handbags Essential for holding touchup makeup, tissues, and necessary baubles, wedding handbags are a useful accessory for any bride. Whether made of simple and clean satin lines or fashioned after traditional Victorian evening bags, there are many handbag options to choose from.


earringWedding Earrings Whether classic drop pearls, simple diamonds or crystal dangles, earrings can be the perfect complement to your wedding gown and will look stunning when paired with a graceful up-do hairstyle.
necklaceWedding Necklace Whether multi-strand pearls, a simple velvet ribbon, or a romantic weave of crystals, necklaces will not only accentuate your neckline, but offer the perfect opportunity to introduce a touch of “something blue” into your bridal attire as well.
braceletWedding Bracelets There’s no reason why a bride can’t accessorize her bridal attire with more than just her wedding rings. Bracelets accentuate the wrist and can be paired with other jewelry items for a complete look.


garterWedding Garter A traditional event at any wedding reception is the tossing of the garter, where the groom removes his bride’s garter and tosses it out to unmarried gentlemen attending the festivities. You can choose from lace, fur, or satin garters and even dress them up with charms.
supportWedding Support Whatever the style of your wedding gown, plan on choosing the right kind of supportive undergarment to accentuate your gown and body to their fullest. Supportive does not have to mean ugly, however, and there are many stunning and feminine undergarments to choose from.
noghtgownWedding Night Lingerie From classic white satin nightgowns to slightly more naughty babydolls, you will want to make sure you look stunning on your wedding night. Don’t forget to add lingerie to your list of attire accessories when you begin shopping for your wedding.


veilsBridal Veils A long-standing wedding tradition, the bridal veil is said to date back to Roman times, when it was believed to protect brides from evil spirits. Like wedding trains, veils come in many different lengths and can stand alone or be paired with tiaras, flowers, and other hair jewelry for a stunning look.
tiaraBridal Tiaras Originally known as diadems, tiaras date back to Egypt, have historically been worn by queens, and are meant to portray the bride as someone special. From diamonds and crystals to pearls or other semi-precious gemstones, there are many types of tiaras to choose from.
hairjewelHair Jewelry If you are not interested in bridal veils or tiaras, hair jewelry is a wonderful option for a more casual or retro wedding look. From jewel-encrusted hair combs to clips and pearl sprays, you will certainly be able to find the perfect hair jewelry to complement your overall wedding look.
hatCouture Wedding Hats A fairly recent trend seen amongst modern brides is the addition of a couture wedding hat to their bridal ensemble. Whether reminiscent of a bygone era, the Kentucky Derby, or something feathered and contemporary, wedding hats are a classy trend.
flowersFlowers Whether a large, dramatic magnolia pinned behind one ear, a wildflower wreath, or a scattering of delicate violas pinned into an up-do, flowers add a certain natural element to a bride’s attire and are the perfect accessory for casual, outdoor weddings.
headbandBridal Headbands From crocheted delicacies and velvet ribbons to intricately woven crystals, headbands are a wonderful alternative to the traditional bridal tiara. Headbands work well with both up-do’s and lengthy, flowing manes.


jacketBridal Jackets Whether a short bolero or its more lengthy counterpart, a wedding jacket affords coverage for strapless gowns and is a great solution for cool evenings.
wrapBridal Wraps Like jackets, bridal wraps offer coverage and protection from cooler evening weddings. Whether lace or velvet shawls, creamy mohair wraps, or bejeweled sheers, wraps are a versatile option and complement most wedding gowns.
stoleBridal Stoles Longer and wider than the wrap, stoles are very often composed of either velvet, real fur or faux fur, and offer excellent coverage from the elements. Many stoles will be satin-lined on the inside and fur or velvet-lined on the outside.