Vow Structure

The Officiant will announce the bride and groom, welcome the guests, and offer thoughts and prayers for the couple.

Interrogation and the Presentation
The Officiant will ask the bride and groom if they come of their own free will into this marriage, and if anyone of the guests present has any reason why the two should not wed, to speak now or forever hold their peace. The bride or couple will also be presented by their parents or family members for marriage.

The Officiant will explain the meanings of the vows in which the couple will exchange. The bride and the groom will individually affirm their commitment to one another by responding to the questions asked by the Officiant.

Exchanging The Rings
The couple, repeating phrases said by the Officiant, will place rings onto each others hands.

The Officiant will announce that the couple is now officially married, and include final prayers, thoughts, and the statement that the groom may now kiss his bride. The ceremony is then preceded with a processional, where the guests enter, and the recessional, where they exit.