Six Steps to Staying Sane

Even if you hire a wedding consultant, there are still many responsibilities you must tend to.

Here are Six Simple Steps to help keep things running smoothly through your wedding and right up to your honeymoon departure:

• Be specific about your requirements when speaking to vendors and service providers, including the absolute do’s and don’ts. Make sure every agreement is in writing and signed.

• Follow-up with your vendors a few days before your wedding to verify their services. Ask them to read to you what they have recorded. Find out if they have directions to the site and a contact phone number at the site in case of any delay. Keep all vendor phone numbers with you or your personal attendant at all times, in case you need to contact them.

• Always refrain from having friends or family members provide crucial elements such as flowers, food, bartending or photography, as it can create an upset if you are not pleased with their services. It is best to hire an outside vendor for such services – your relationship is kept strictly professional and there’s no opportunity for hurt feelings.

• Children under the age of three are very difficult to control when they are involved in the ceremony as they get easily distracted and scared. Always use fake rings on the ring bearer’s pillow, keeping the real ones safe with the best man or maid of honor. If you must have a toddler in the ceremony, insist they be paired with an older child or adult.

• If you want to protect your wedding gown throughout the day, you must practice walking and turning in it beforehand. Avoid eating, drinking and smoking while wearing your gown. Keep in mind that others may step on your train, and that the bottom of your gown will drag on the ground. Do your best to lift your gown when climbing stairs or walking through narrow openings between pews or chairs to avoid catching a hem. Never iron or attempt to spot-lift your gown. If it is very wrinkled or stained, call your bridal shop and have them fix it. Once you return from your honeymoon, have your gown preserved by your bridal shop or dry cleaning service.

• Always keep a good sense of humor and remember, the best way to stay calm, cool, and collected is to hire a wedding consultant and Stay Organized!