Transportation F.A.Q.

Wedding Transportation

Wedding Limo? Wedding Carriage? Antique Auto Wedding Vehicle?

Here’s a quick guide to some of the most frequently asked questions about reserving your wedding day transportation:

Why should we hire transportation?
Transportation is a significant logistical part of wedding planning. You need to consider how to transport the wedding party to and from not only the ceremony but the wedding reception as well.

How many people should we get vehicles for?
Most new couples arrange transportation for the bride, the groom, and the entire wedding party. This is to ensure that everyone can arrive at the photoshoot together and not have to worry about parking or running late.

Who rides together?
The bride usually travels to the ceremony with her father and her bridesmaids, while the groom arrives separately. The bride and groom most often travel privately from the wedding ceremony to the reception, while the rest of the wedding party is in a separate limo or another vehicle.

What about everyone else?
If your limo budget allows it, it’s a wonderful gesture to provide transportation for the mothers and grandparents of both you and your partner. You have no obligation to provide transportation for invited guests who are not members of the wedding party or your immediate family.

How much does a limousine service usually cost?
Like every other aspect of a wedding, transportation can oftentimes be costly. It really depends on what type of vehicle you choose, how many people you need to transport and for how long you will require a driving service. Be prepared to spend anywhere between $300 and $1000 for basic limousine services, and the price can easily go up from there.

How long will we need to reserve our driver?
The minimum time required for a standard wedding driver is usually about four hours. This includes leaving the garage to pick up the bride, waiting through the ceremony, transporting people to the photo site, waiting again, and finally delivering people to the wedding reception.

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