Travel Tips

Here are a few basic guidelines to help you plan a relaxing and adventuresome honeymoon extravaganza:

    • Bring plenty of reading material for the place that you are going, to ensure that you don’t miss anything that you would like to see. Also be sure to ask friends or family members who have been in that area about local restaurants, the entertainment, or leisure activities.

    • Place cash and valuables in hotel safety deposit boxes so that they won’t be lost or stolen. Make sure that a friend or family member has a copy of your passports, and flight and hotel information with both phone and confirmation numbers.

    • When reserving your accommodations, be sure to inform them that you are newlyweds on your honeymoon. Many hotels enjoy pampering newlyweds with special attention.

    • A lot of honeymoon destinations offer all-inclusive packages that can reduce the overall cost of your trip. When you inquire, be sure to get a comprehensive list of all that is included, and ask specifically about taxes, gratuities, and alcoholic beverages.

    • Keep romance at the top of your honeymoon list by including candlelight dining and beach strolls in your itinerary. Ask the innkeeper if they can recommend romantic activities you can enjoy during your visit.

    • Consult a travel agent and be specific about your requests. Seek a travel agent who displays genuine enthusiasm about this being your honeymoon trip and how important that is to you.

    • If your travel agent is disinterested in your preferences, find another that is eager to meet your needs. The travel agent can make or break your adventure.

    • It is best to plan your departure flight for mid-morning or early afternoon, allowing you ample time to recover from your reception festivities.

    • Be sure to inquire about an in-flight meal and, if necessary, pack a snack to hold you over until you arrive at your destination.

    • If you will be traveling by air, be sure to have your picture identification and that the name on the ID matches your tickets.

    • If you are traveling overseas, your passport information must match your ticket information.

    • Check your luggage, it may be time to upgrade. Today’s lightweight luggage is affordable and helps make traveling easier.

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