Travel Options

There are many options available to new couples for their honeymoon plans. In fact, several resorts around the world cater specifically to couples and offer incredible honeymoon packages. From resort styles and room options to package plans and unique airline tickets, here’s your pre-honeymoon guide to what’s available to you.

Adults Only – Available for couples as well as singles, these resorts typically have a policy of 18 and over only. Some, however, allow 16 and up to stay at the resort.honeymoon resort options

Couples Only – Best suited for couples, these resorts typically allow no single adults and no families.

Private Island Resorts – Frequently located in the Caribbean but available throughout the world, private island resorts are exactly what the name implies – your own private island. They almost always offer well-trained staff and a fully loaded menu of amenities.

Clothing Optional – Most beach resorts, particularly in the Caribbean, offer clothing optional beaches. Clothing optional resorts are different than nudist resorts in that clothing is required in most parts of the resort, and only certain beaches are designated clothing-optional.

Lanai Rooms – When researching honeymoon resorts and packages, you might come across the term “Lanai Room”. Quite simply, a Lanai room is a room with it’s own open-air patio.

Club Floor Rooms – Also known as “Executive Floor Rooms”, club floor rooms are most often found in large hotels, as well as a few resorts. Extra features available with a club floor room include; a personal concierge, private elevator access, and a private lounge.

Garden View Rooms – Like Lanai, the Garden View term is often used in honeymoon brochures. This means your room is usually the least expensive on the property and offers no beach or ocean views. These rooms are a great option for tight budgets.

Suites – Suite sizes and amenities vary from one resort to another but in general, a suite contains more than one room. There is usually at least a bedroom and a living area, but some suites also offer full kitchens and more than one bathroom. Many suites may occupy more than one floor, while others are one level only.

Junior Suites – Smaller than a full suite, junior suites often do not have complete separation between the sleeping and living areas, but are still more spacious than standard rooms.

Villas – Much like private island resorts, villas are completely private, stand-alone homes. Many times, a chef and maid are provided, but not all villas have the full range of amenities that can be found in standard resorts.

All Inclusive Plan – These plans are exactly what their name indicates – one set price covers lodging, meals, and activities. Activities may include golf, scuba, tennis and evening performances. lodging plan options

European Plan – The European Plan (EP) only includes the cost of your lodging. Meals, entertainment and activities are usually available for additional cost.

Modified American Plan – In most cases, the Modified American Plan (MAP) will cover the cost of your lodging, as well as breakfast and dinner. Lunch, entertainment and activities are separate and left to your discretion.

Limited Service Plan – Limited Service resorts are usually a cross between a hotel and a motel. Like a hotel, they have interior corridors but do not have the full range of services and amenities found at most hotels. This is an ideal option if you’re just looking for a place to sleep and intend to spend your days exploring and adventuring.

Airline Tickets
RTW Tickets – Round the World, or RTW, airline tickets offer a truly unique honeymoon travel experience. Offered by most major airlines, these tickets allow you to enjoy multiple stops at numerous locations around the world. If you are considering this type of travel, be sure to research airline restrictions and penalties before purchasing your tickets.

Open Jaw Tickets – This type of airline ticket is ideal if you plan on taking a cruise for part of your honeymoon. Simply put, open jaw tickets allow you to depart from one city and return home from a completely different location.