Packing Tips

Travel Packing Tips

Pack your honeymoon bags several weeks beforehand so that you won’t overlook anything. Be sure to include extra added amenities that you know you will need. Those things can be quite expensive in a resort area. Call to see if your hotel provides hair dryers or other such beauty appliances in order to save you some room. Keep a list of all your contact numbers handy, including your travel agent, car rental and hotel confirmation numbers, and so forth.

Items you may want to include on your honeymoon:
• If your guest room has a CD player, bring along your favorite CDs
• Body oils, massage lotions, and bubble bath
• Candles and smallholders to catch melted wax – coasters, small ashtrays, and small lids work well (do not use paper wax catchers!)
• His and your favorite lingerie
• Mini binoculars for sightseeing excursions
• Sunglasses
• Hats for bad hair days or for keeping out the sun
• Mini first aid kit for minor cuts or bruises incurred while hiking, biking, etc.
• Sunscreen and tanning lotion
• Insect repellent and after bite
• Aspirin or Ibuprofen
• Lightweight robe to throw on when sneaking out for ice or for when room service comes by
• Comfy loungewear for use in your room and at the spa
• Exercise wear for jogging along the beach
• Lightweight jacket for moonlight walks
• Camera, film batteries (waterproof disposable cameras are great for snorkeling)
• Don’t worry about packing beach towels – most resorts provide towels for their guests, and towels take up bulky space in the luggage.


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