Honeymoon Budget Tips

Here are some guidelines and budget tips to help you plan a relaxing and adventuresome honeymoon vacation.

Set the Budget
Just like you did with your wedding and reception, you will need to plan a honeymoon budget. Your destination should be realistic in relation to your financial capabilities. You may be able to use some of your wedding gift money to fund the honeymoon, but you should not depend heavily thereon as you can’t be sure of the amount you will receive. It is best to plan a budget based on your financial means, and use any additional gifts for funhoneymoon budget money or to offset your wedding costs.

Travel Agent
Consult a travel agent and be specific about your requests. Seek a travel agent who displays eagerness to provide the most cost-effective options, as well as a genuine enthusiasm about this being your honeymoon trip and how important that is to you. If the agent is disinterested in your preferences, find another that is eager to meet your needs. The travel agent can make or break your adventure.

A lot of honeymoon destinations offer all-inclusive packages that can reduce the overall cost of your trip. When you inquire, be sure to get a comprehensive list of all that is included, and ask specifically about taxes, gratuities, and alcoholic beverages.

Include funds for a special encounter while away – something you wouldn’t normally consider doing, such as visiting a day spa for a mud bath, going parasailing, or chartering a yacht. Plan your time and finances in order to build lasting memories doing something out of the ordinary.

Be sure your luggage is up-to-date and sufficient for your travel adventures. Today’s luggage is both lightweight and durable and will make your traveling easier. Invest in some new luggage prior to your honeymoon or wedding travel and you will be much relieved when it’s time to go.

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