It all begins with the engagement ring.

Not only does the groom choose the engagement ring, but he is also traditionally responsible for purchasing the wedding bands as well. This usually means a groom will need to educate himself on a myriad of jewelry details – metal choices, gemstone settings, diamond cuts, diamond colors, diamond clarity, shapes and more!

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It’s best to do a little research before choosing your fiancee’s engagement ring. Ask your lady a few pointed questions to get not only her ring size, but a feel for what kind of ring she likes. Casually wander into jewelry stores together and pay close attention to which styles she loves. This way, you can be sure to delight her with the perfect symbol of your love. Browse our RINGS section to learn more about engagement rings.

Unlike engagement rings, the wedding bands are chosen by both the bride and the groom. Many modern brides will purchase their groom’s wedding band. Very often, couples choose matching rings and it is very common to have each band engraved with either your initials and wedding date or personal sentiment.

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