Not only is it the groom’s responsibility to pay for the honeymoon, it is also his job to plan it and have everything ready to go after the wedding reception. Not to fear, though! Compared to the wedding plans, the honeymoon will be a piece of cake! The most valuable piece of advice we can give you is to have everything booked and ready months in advance. As your wedding date draws nearer, you will both have less time for honeymoon details.

Things to Consider First
    • How much time do you both have to travel?
    • Will you be leaving the country?
    • What is your honeymoon budget?
    • What activities do you both enjoy?
    • Do you want an all-inclusive package?
    • Don’t Forget the Details!

    • Medical Requirements
    • Traveler’s Checks
    • Packed Luggage
    • Plane Tickets
    • Rental Cars
    • Room Reservations
    • Room Amenities

Mini-moons are perfect for those couples who are either budget-conscious or have demanding careers and little free time. Sometimes taking off for even one week can be near impossible. Mini-moons are the perfect alternative – they usually last a weekend and are either within driving distance or only a quick plane ride away.

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