Weddings Flowers – Florist Questions

When it comes time to choose your wedding florist, make sure you are prepared. The following checklist of questions will help prepare you with all of the facts for any situation that may arise, let your florist know exactly what your wants and needs are, and help you make the final decision regarding which flowers will work best for your wedding:

What is included in the contract?
Make sure that your quote includes delivery, setup, and transportation fees. Also inquire about taxes, overtime charges, gratuities, and cancellation fees. This will guarantee there are no hidden or unexpected fees to surprise you later.

How will the flowers be transported?
Ask about climate-controlled transportation and make sure the florist will deliver no earlier than half an hour before your scheduled photography shoot. This guarantees that your flowers are at their absolute freshest.

What is your florist’s policy regarding deposits and final payments?
These questions will help you stick to your wedding budget and make timely payments. Most florists will require some kind of deposit and the final balance is generally due approximately two weeks before your wedding date.

Has your florist worked in the same venue that your wedding is occurring?
Your florist may have several ideas for you, will know what pitfalls to avoid in that location, or maybe willing to check it out first to offer you some suggestions.

What flowers will be in season on your wedding day?
Seasonal flowers always cost less than exotics or non-seasonal blooms, and there may be a wider variety available to you than you initially expect.

Can you see samples of what your florist has created before?
By asking to see the florist’s portfolio, you can find out how visually talented your florist is, if her design style is similar to yours, and maybe even get some new ideas for your wedding flowers.

When are the flower arrangements actually created?
By asking this question, you will have a good idea of how fresh your flowers will be when they arrive.

How many other weddings will the florist be handling at the same time as yours?
Ideally, the answer to this question should be no more than one or two, max. If the florist seems to have a large number of events scheduled for the weekend of your wedding, make sure she is confident she will have enough time for your requirements.

How prepared is your florist if something goes wrong on the day of your wedding?
Find out what happens if your chosen flowers are not available, and how she can ensure coverage. Feel free to provide the florist with a list of flowers you do or do not want as substitutes in such a situation.

What has contributed to your florist’s success at other weddings?
Discuss some of your florist’s past clients, and learn more about what made their weddings eventful. This conversation will give you a good idea of your florist’s expertise in the realm of weddings.

Can your florist preserve the bridal bouquet after the ceremony?
If you choose to have your bouquet preserved, make sure that your florist is both willing and able to do the job.

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