Outdoor Wedding Themes

Country Fair Weddings /Bazaar Wedding Themes
Think picnic tables and a casual setting with hamburgers, hot dogs, finger sandwiches, corn on the cob, fried dough, and cotton candy. Incorporate different crafts into your centerpieces, and display quilts or tablecloths with flowers on them. Play old-fashioned music, and square or line dance together. You may also want to have games set up such as potato sack races or apple bobs. Send homemade cookies home with your guests.

Ski or Snowboard Weddings
This is a great theme if you are having a Winter wedding, however you may want to think about how formal you want it to be. You don’t want to be standing out in the snow for an hour in your wedding dress. Instead, dress everyone up in snowboard jackets and coats, and ski or snowboard down the “aisle”. Serve your guests hot chocolate after the ceremony, and have your ski wedding reception catered at a hotel or restaurant nearby. Send your guests off with a warm pair of gloves or a new ski or snowboard hat.

Tropical Beach Weddings
Even if you are stuck on land, a beach theme can be fun and exciting to create. Decorate with seashells, fake palm trees, beach balls, sandcastles, surfboards, sharks, etc. Use pails with shovels and sand for centerpieces. Serve your guests with foods from the Caribbean, and then send them off with fresh mangos, limes, and bananas.

Hollywood Wedding Theme
You’ll have the red carpet roll out for you if you choose a dazzling Hollywood type theme. Directors chairs are great for the bride and groom to sit in, as well as cameras placed around the location pointed towards the guests. Dress in rich gold colors with rhinestones and costume jewelry. Serve your guests an elegant meal complete with a light fish and white wine. Hand out wedding photos autographed by you and your new spouse.

Circus Weddings
A ceremony at the big top is a very fun and exciting theme. Have your guestbook attendant dress up as a clown, and your Officiant as the ringmaster. You, your future spouse, the bridesmaids, and the groomsmen should all wear bright and bold colors. Decorate with animals, balloons, bright streamers, nets, etc. Feed your guests hotdogs, corndogs, cotton candy, popcorn, and peanuts. Send them off with their own box of animal crackers.

Historical Site Weddings– Indoor or Outdoor
A good idea for a wedding at a historical site is to dress up as the people who first lived there. Serve foods that they ate, have similar music and dances, and send your guests off with a souvenir from a gift shop in that area that has a picture of the site itself.