Cultural Weddings

Fiesta Wedding Theme
Decorate with colorful piñatas, chili peppers, cactus, and rich vibrant tones of red and orange. Serve your guests Mexican dishes such as tacos, burritos, and nacho chips with salsa, along with margaritas. Hand your guests their own sombreros for them to toss their hats, in exchange for rice.

New England Wedding Theme
Have clam chowder, steamed clams, Boston cream pie, and maple sugar candy served to your guests. Decorate with lighthouses, seashells, citronella candles, and rich-colored Autumn leaves. Give your guests small bags filled with dried cranberries.

Mardi Gras Wedding Theme
Pass out plastic, metallic strings of beads to each of your guests as they arrive. Consider dressing your bridesmaids and groomsmen in deep shades of purple, green, and gold, along with Mardi Gras masks. Play jazz music, and decorate with brightly colored flower arrangements accented with gold candles or ribbons. Serve your guests with Cajon dishes such as jambalaya, crawfish, and red beans and rice. Send your guests off with bottles of Cajun spices and the recipes for some of the foods they sampled at your reception.

Hawaiian Wedding Theme
Throw your own luau, complete with leis passed out for each of the guests. Serve pork, pineapple, and dishes with toasted coconut along with alcoholic or non-alcoholic tropical drinks. Dress your bridesmaids in traditional grass skirt outfits, and provide the groomsmen with brightly colored floral shirts. Decorate with shells, coral, lighted torches (if held during the night) and beautiful arrangements of tropical flowers. Give your guests chocolate-covered macadamia nuts as favors.

Egyptian/Roman Wedding Theme
You too can be the queen of the Nile, wearing a white and golden wrap around gown with straight dark hair and an Egyptian style crown. Dress your bridesmaids in golden dresses complete with black wigs and gold costume jewelry. Your groom should wear a tunic of dark red and gold with a crown of golden leaves on his head. The groomsmen should dress as though they were roman guards. Decorate with Egyptian statues, grape leaves, and large pillars. Golden plates and silverware are a nice addition as well. Serve your guests stuffed olives, stuffed shells, figs, and artichokes with butter. Make scrolls instead of invitations for each of your guests announcing your wedding.