Cake Pricing Guide

Wedding cake styles and prices vary dramatically due to the wide range of designs, cake styles, and sizes. The wedding cake price is set by the bakery but based on the time involved in creating the overall cake design and the number of servings you request. The more elaborate the design, the more expensive your cost per slice of wedding cake.

cake4Wedding Cakes, Wedding Cake Prices, Bakery Prices, A simple wedding cake should not cost more than $2 – $3 dollars per slice. Some elaborate wedding cakes by well-known wedding cake designers can cost as much as $15 – $20 per slice.

Consider having two wedding cakes created. One cake for the bride and groom to be used during the cake cutting ceremony and the other to be served in slices to the wedding guests. This can result in substantial savings. You can have the display cake taken to the kitchen and the served pieces brought out after the cake cutting ceremony is over.

Wedding Cake Vendor Tips: Get a signed agreement that includes the wedding cake details, delivery date, pricing, and delivery location information. Most wedding cake bakeries will require a deposit of up to 50%. The wedding cake balance is usually due one to two weeks prior to the wedding.